2022.11.8 Press Release

Our company has signed a research and development agreement with "Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd. (JCM)" listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange prime.

2022.11.8 Notice

We are pleased to announce that on November 8, 2022, we entered into a joint research and development agreement with Nippon Kinsen Kikai Co., Ltd. for the research, development, and commercialization of a "pathology image AI diagnosis system" that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist doctors (pathologists) in the diagnosis of cancer (pathology examination and diagnosis*1).


This joint R&D is a collaboration between our company, a venture company that aims to develop "AI for pathological examination and diagnosis" using our unique identification and analysis technology based on images captured by a special camera (hyperspectral camera*2), and Japan Cashmechanic Co.





While the number of cancer patients is currently on the rise, there is a growing concern about the worldwide shortage of pathologists who perform pathological examinations and diagnoses compared to other specialists.



Through this joint research and development, our company and Nippon Cashmechanics aim to establish and commercialize a technology useful for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, thereby promoting support for pathological examination and diagnosis and contributing to society at large.



This matter does not fall under the category of timely disclosure as stipulated in the rules and regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange for JCI.




*1Pathological examination and diagnosis: A pathological examination is an examination in which a specimen is prepared from cells taken from a part of the body or tissue from which a portion of a lesion has been thinly cut, and after staining is observed under a microscope to examine the properties of cells and tissue in detail, and a diagnosis based on such examination is a pathological diagnosis.



*2 Hyperspectral camera: A camera that can capture the material properties and state of an object by finely spectralizing light. It acquires more data than an RGB camera and can be used for detailed data analysis because it can distinguish "fine color differences" that cannot be distinguished by humans.




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