Development of the "ANSWER" platform

Analysis platform to expand
the application of hyperspectral cameras

"ANSWER" will help researchers reduce barriers to hyperspectral data (HSD) utilization and expand HSD applications.

Challenges in the hyperspectral market

Applications and Market Expansion

Against the backdrop of increasing computer computing power, the hyperspectral market continues to expand year after year and is expected to grow 19.3% per year from US$12.4 billion in 2020 to US$30 billion in 2025.
Most of the market is for hardware (cameras and accessories), but there is also growth in the utilization of data, especially in the medical and life science fields, and there is a strong market demand for hardware that is set with identification algorithms, which is the purpose of the introduction.

Analysis technology
in its infancy compared to overseas

Most of the academic results related to hyperspectral analysis are from overseas, and hyperspectral analysis technology in Japan is still in its infancy.
Bottlenecks in the introduction of hyperspectral cameras include: (1) a certain amount of research time is required to utilize hyperspectral cameras, (2) there are few engineers who can utilize the data even after it has been acquired, and (3) the hyperspectral system itself is expensive.

Product Features


Cloud-based and inexpensive

Compared to other installed analysis software, this web application is inexpensive and can be used from "any" computer at "any" time.Advanced analysis using AI can also be performed comfortably using servers in the cloud.


Algorithm available for sale

Once created, datasets and algorithms can be anonymized and provided to other companies for algorithm development for a fee.(In preparation) This will greatly reduce the research period for practical use.


Simple and sophisticated UI

The UI is simple and comfortable, minimizing complex, incomprehensible functions that only specialists can use.Contributes to the promotion of hyperspectral data utilization by reducing learning costs.

What is an Analysis Platform?

ANSWER connects "research" and "practical use

Analysis Platform Diagram