2022.10.24 Press Release

Our company has been selected as a recipient of support for the AMDAP Advanced Medical Device Acceleration Project

2022.10.24 Notice

On October 24, 2022, Milk. Inc. was selected for the Advanced Medical Devices Acceleration Project (AMDAP) sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.




The AMDAP Acceleration Project is designed for venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with outstanding business plans related to advanced medical devices.




What is the AMDAP Acceleration Project for Advanced Medical Devices?



In the medical device industry, which is outnumbered by European and U.S. manufacturers, this project provides intensive support for the development and commercialization of medical devices that contribute to the development of healthcare, in addition to guidance and advice from experts in various fields in Tokyo.


The assistance includes

  1. support for brushing up on the business plan


One person who is well versed in the industry, laws, and regulations of the medical device industry and has a broad network of related organizations (after this referred to as "Catalyst") will be assigned to each selected business.


 The Catalyst in charge of the project will take the lead, and in collaboration with experts in various fields, will provide expert advice on market search, financing, clearance surveys of similar competitive products, product design and concept design, prototype development, mass production prototyping, non-clinical testing, clinical evaluation, pharmaceutical affairs strategies, intellectual property strategies, sales and distribution strategies, and business organization building, etc., for the development of advanced medical devices. Expert advice on business organization development, etc.


  1. subsidized development support



One year and six months after the start of the support (around March 2024 in the case of adoption in FY 2010), the business with the most outstanding business plan will be selected for development support with a subsidy that also covers clinical trial costs. *Only those that receive a certain level of evaluation from the screening committee will be selected.


Our Approach


We were selected for this project under the theme of "Development of a new pathology diagnosis support system utilizing hyperspectral imaging.


The number of pathologists who support pathological diagnosis, the final diagnosis of cancer, is still overwhelmingly insufficient for the increasing number of cancer patients.


In addition, since diagnostic knowledge depends on the individual, measures other than training are required in the medium and long term.


To solve these problems, we are developing a pathological diagnosis support system that uses AI to analyze cancer cell images taken with a hyperspectral camera that has highly accurate spectral information beyond the human eye.


We will use this support as momentum to further accelerate our business and strive to solve the shortage of pathologists and to realize early detection of cancer and improvement of diagnostic accuracy.

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