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Milk. is a medical IT venture that develops cancer diagnosis AI
using space technology "hyperspectral".




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Spectrum is the great frontier left for humanity."

The number of colors that the human eye can distinguish is 1,875,000. This is only 2% of the number of colors that can be represented digitally (100 million colors). The use of specialized cameras, such as hyperspectral cameras, further widens the gap between human perception and machine vision.


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Who are we?

Milk. Inc. is a medical IT start-up whose mission is "eliminate cancer from the world."

Currently, we are engaged in the development of ANSWER for Pathology, which applies the "hyperspectral camera" mounted on satellites to cancer diagnosis to achieve highly accurate diagnosis. We are is also engaged in contracted web application development and sales of anti-coronary products.

Our's establishment dates back to a joint research project with Kitasato University in 2015. We found that combining a hyperspectral camera and AI could identify colorectal cancer with high accuracy.

A hyperspectral camera is a camera that can distinguish "minute differences in color" that cannot be seen by human eyes. There are still unknown areas in the visible light range that we humans have assumed we can see.

With the development of applications, it can be applied to various fields such as endoscopes and surgical cameras. Furthermore, we are also looking at applications in non-medical fields such as agriculture and mineral exploration.

By introducing hyperspectral cameras and other state-of-the-art technologies into the medical field, we hope to collect data that has not been available until now and advance the investigation of the causes of cancer.


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ANSWER is a Cloud-based application that
makes it easy to create AI using hyperspectral images.